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The hate gained on Facebook made me change my life!

My story began a couple of months ago. I used to be a Facebook addicted. Thanks God, not anymore. I wasn’t that type that posts a lot, I was the quite one. I used to know a lot about my friends (well, more than half of them are not even my friends, we don’t say hi on the street), more than about myself. What emphasized the fact that I know more about the others was the challenge done by my friend Roswitha, with a question a day. I was struggling for real to answer those questions. They were not hard, but they were making me think what passions, thoughts, fears and dreams compound myself. In that moment, I realized I don’t know who I am. But why Facebook Detox, right?

At my job in that time, I was having a lot of unused time, so I was wasting making it count with scrolling the newsfeed. In the morning, because I couldn’t wake up from the bed, I was getting into Facebook, and started to appreciate judge what everybody has done in the night. Every time I was going to the toilet, my iphone was accompanied me. Of course, also every night with the head on the pillow, I was checking where everybody is or what amazing things they done through the day (everything looks amazing on Facebook, right?).

What made me reconsider my feelings was the hate I was earning inside. I started to hate 2 girls. What I mean by the word hate is that I was getting so angry when I saw them in my newsfeed that made me talk bad of them and draw me into a bad mood for the next hours. Why on earth I was having those feelings I don’t know. Imagine I don’t even know the girls personally. I’m going Sunday at the church, but I hate people. Well, that’s not something compatible at all.

In the morning, I was checking the Facebook when I couldn’t even open my eyes. Instead to start my day with positive things, happy and full of energy, I was annoyed that all my friends went out in the night. Oooohhhh, I could have done that too, they are having such an amazing time every day and night, they get so social.

Even I knew somewhere deep inside that I’m FBAddicted, I was telling myself that I will keep Facebook only for the amazing stuff (empowering articles, interesting videos, exciting travelling places and so on) found through it. But here it comes, the other interesting emotion I was encountering, I started to feel miserable. Don’t get me wrong, the news were exciting and impressing to me, but after seeing so many, every day, they were not inspirational anymore. I realized everybody was doing amazing things around me, and I’m doing nothing. I’m nobody on this huge planet. If you will keep staying in that place, you will never be the person who creates stunning things to be appreciated.

As I went through different stages that were sticking me to still be a Facebook checker person, another stage/one was being scared not to loose the amazing events in my city.

Because Timisoara it’s preparing for the European Capital contest in 2020, interesting events are rolling every week. Sometimes you just see some of your best friends attending a major event. Oooo, Andreea is going, I have to go too! I used to think that all the awesome people in the city will be there, and only me not. I couldn’t miss it. I wasn’t attending all the events, but enough so I wouldn’t have time for them and my other hobbies. However, one day I realized that events look amazing on Facebook, but if I’m not having a huge interest in them, I’m not going to attend them. Our nature as humans is to be a part of a group. It’s nice that events gather people with the same passions, but Facebook has this strong weapon to always make you see that another wow event it’s coming and the one you attended didn’t even finished.

The last weapon Facebook was using to keep me in a relationship with him, was the talking with the friends from high school and the relatives that live far away. Of course it’s such an amazing thing to keep contact with your lovely ones, but are they coming to your birthday? Do you spend Christmas together? Are you drinking coffee in the morning? No. Would you keep contact with them if there would be no Facebook on the planet? Well, this is the question you need to answer to find out who you really want in your life. You will realize you are not actually so close, and if you want for real to have a connection with them, it would be in hundred other ways. You don’t need social media to connect with the people you really want in your life.


After all the fights with myself to retrieve myself, I’m really happy I gained the freedom and loose the hate. I was living life through a screen, in the actions of others. I challenge you to do a Facebook detox! Are you ready to get your life back?





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